Truth2Power is an independent film collective. We are dedicated to productions whose themes and subject matter represent humanity as a whole. We try to make films that say something.


We began in 2003, out of a desire to document some anti-war organizing work that had been taking place in Uptown, Manhattan and the Bronx. We also wanted to make short films that could be used to educate and develop awareness of issues affecting young people in New York City. The first project we completed, We Got Next, Vol I, was originally produced TV show that aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network throughout the summer of 2004.


We soon branched out to narrative films, also introducing youth development and production skills-training into our work. We have continued to focus on the themes and subjects which are most important to us.


Karim López
: Writer/Director/Editor
347-203-6157 . karim@karimlopez.net

Michael Tyner
: Writer-Director/Editor/Producer
646-942-2311 . mdottyner@gmail.com